Thursday, 24 May 2007

Edible book

This sweet and edible book is made together with Enriqueta LLorca for the expo "Como Pedro en mi casa" en la Central which is going on now until saturday.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Super Stickers

This is a sticker album with ten stickerpages where you can cut out the stickers you want to use.


This book is made in collaboration with Stine Haynes who one night dreamed about the little donkey an luckily wrote the story down next day. We have a company together, Book Making, where we on distance make books together.
The idea was to translate Donkey & Dragon into all the languages that exists... by now we made it in danish, norwegian, spanish, french and english. Chinese and catalan are under process.

DONKEY & DRAGON. in english:

"The creative process. Reflections on invention in the arts and sciences."

Some few pages from a book where I collected and illustrated seven texts written by different artists and scientists all talking about the process of creating.