Thursday, 24 May 2007

Edible book

This sweet and edible book is made together with Enriqueta LLorca for the expo "Como Pedro en mi casa" en la Central which is going on now until saturday.


clariposa said...

dear gina!
my sister gave me a present for my birthday and it was your book with the dragon and the donkey (which i like sooo much because it´s so simple/ clear and funny and well- made and true to me- aahh!). now i found more of your work here and just wanted to tell you: it´s adorable!!! it makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time!
all the best from austria- i hope you can keep on doing what you like most!

danimaiz said... encanta, Gina.
Este era el proyecto del que me hablaste en LeerLeon.
Que buena pinta que tiene ;)

Anonymous said...

comestible se dice "edible" en inglés.
tus ilustraciones son bellas, bellas.

agustin said...


me dejo sin palabras
es tremendo!