Wednesday, 21 March 2007


This book is made in collaboration with Stine Haynes who one night dreamed about the little donkey an luckily wrote the story down next day. We have a company together, Book Making, where we on distance make books together.
The idea was to translate Donkey & Dragon into all the languages that exists... by now we made it in danish, norwegian, spanish, french and english. Chinese and catalan are under process.


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se puede adquirir online?

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maravillosa Gina, que pena no andar por B y conocerte, seguro que se me pegaba algo de genialidad para darles más shwing a mis muñecos, lo del libro lo miraré en Duduá, para cuándo un libro infantil, o es que las grandes editoriales aún no saben de ti, a que esperan!!!???